Krysta S

We had the pleasure of working with Heather with our 4 year old daughter. Heather clearly has a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to neurologically balancing the brain using multiple modalities and nutritional advice. We have noticed improvement in multiple areas of development. Our daughter’s language and social skills were our main focus and she has made great gains in that area, which has been relayed to me from her preschool teachers as well. Something else that we have noticed is her balance and coordination improvements. She struggled walking on a balance beam and as of the last couple of weeks, she has improved tremendously, being able to walk from one end to the other without getting frustrated. Focus and attention was also an area that we have been working on. This is another area that has been commented on at her school as greatly improving and I have noticed her emerging skills at home as well.

Heather’s treatments and recommendations have 100% made an impact in our daughter’s development in an extremely positive way. She has looked at her as a whole and then has broken it down to us and explained what we can follow through with at home. Some people just have an additional “something special” when it comes patient care and Heather is definitely one of those people. Her knowledge is undeniable. Her passion is something that takes her to the next level. We will forever be appreciative for the treatment we have received for our daughter and will be continuing to work with Heather to further optimize her developmental health.